2017 Community Trends Association Managers Should Know

shutterstock_140841967Understanding How Association Members Live Is Important to Effective HOA Management

A homeowner association’s work is never done, and each year brings new HOA management concerns – on top of community maintenance and regulation. Yet, it is essential to stay up-to-date on current trends affecting members including the following five in order to best fulfill community needs.

  • Recent years have brought an influx of renters across the USA, with Los Angeles ranking highest in the percentage of renters per city. Yet, their lack of familiarity with HOA management can make it difficult to draft and enforce regulations.
  • Simultaneously, residents are increasingly looking for more lifestyle programming, from seasonal parties to wine tastings. There is also greater value placed on communal spaces for socializing like coffee bars, reading rooms, and athletic courts.
  • One of the most common lifestyle needs for residents, renters or otherwise, is pet care. With nearly 40 percent of California households owning at least one dog, HOAs are tasked with providing on-site amenities like daycare and grooming.
  • Another important development has been cloud computing. Such technological upgrades, which include off-site file storage and maintenance, allow for savings on hardware and personnel costs. In the process, HOA management can take advantage of easier recovery and global access, as well.
  • Perhaps the most momentous trend has been a shift to mobile communication. Apps and websites, in particular, ease and allow more uniform enforcement of HOA guidelines. At the same time, apps also automate property inspection and other actions – making the management process more effective and more cost-efficient.

Managing residential communities means keeping up with neighborhood needs, especially in regulating events, activities, and difficulties. More than other trends, mobile computing is specifically having a powerful effect upon HOA management. Although they require greater protection, these technologies are even helping homeowner associations themselves keep up with social changes and new neighborly needs.

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It’s Time for Spring Cleaning… But Why Not Clean Up Your Association Management Processes While You’re at It?

Spring is nearly here, and for most people – association managers included – that means getting around to all those tasks you’ve been putting off because they’re too difficult to do during the winter. Spring cleaning, backlogged work orders, and various other sundry duties are undoubtedly around the corner.

But why do things in half-measures? An upgrade to your association management software could clean up your business processes in less time than it takes to clean up your property after the spring rains!

Asyst6:  Give Your Management Systems a Good Spring Cleaning

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With Asyst6 you can:

  • Track all relevant financial records, sales and more on a per-property basis.
  • Integrate full online payment systems that provides residents simple e-payment options which make it easy to stay paid up.
  • Automatically track delinquencies, send out reminder/warning notices, and immediately apply payments as soon as they’re made.
  • Accept, process, and track work orders – now with new vendor tracking so you can keep tabs on your subcontractors.
  • Implement full accounting and budgeting modules to have all your finances in one place, with plenty of analytical tools to draw upon.
  • Guarantee compliance with CC&Rs with easy access to relevant information and flags when your properties fall out of compliance.

Plus, Asyst6 unties you from your desktop! All Asyst6 users get free access to our remote-access iOS which all you to oversee your property management from anywhere.

Asyst6: The Right Tool for The Right Job

Just like how you wouldn’t use a feather duster for cleaning when an industrial vacuum is called for, Asyst6 is the powerful all-around software that can clean up your business processes in record time. There’s no option on the market for association management software that brings so many benefits to rental and owned property managers in such an easy-to-use package.

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Top 5 Latest Trends in HOA Management

Successful HOA Management Teams are focusing on these latest trends 

In an increasingly fast-paced world, HOA management teams are tasked with the challenge of moving vast amounts of information, communicating with large audiences, remaining in compliance with a complex network of documents and laws and striving to the meet the expectations of their clients. Fortunately, there are currently five trends in HOA management that are poised to make all of these efforts easier.

  1. Highly Skilled Administrators

HOA administrators are starting to see themselves as CEOs. These highly skilled individuals have advanced training, specialized degrees and the right to command notable salaries. They’re committed to measuring and meeting client expectations and are capable of assisting their boards in establishing feasible, short and long-term goals for their communities.

  1. Data-Driven Decisions

While there are certainly benefits in taking the old-fashioned approach to HOA management, many associations are recognizing the far superior advantages of making data driven decisions. As such, more HOA managers are investing software as a service (SaaS) solutions, that allow for the rapid sharing of information, along with the creation of timely and insightful reports.

  1. Greater Risk Management

HOA management teams are taking an increasing involvement in risk management. Capable of making proactive decisions when equipped with real-time data, these professionals can effectively mitigate risk across all levels of their organization.

  1. Increased Time Management

Time management is the latest trend in this industry. More HOA managers are investing in tools that track workflow to ensure that optimal returns on their investment of both energy and labor.

  1. Client Relationship Management With A Psychological Component

HOA teams are also using technical tools to better manage their relationships with clients. Far more superior to conventional CRM systems, these tools make it easier to determine how clients are likely to respond to specific changes and stimuli.

About Asyst Data Group Inc

The Asyst Data Group created and maintain the most powerful HOA management software suite on the market.  Asyst6 is an all-in-one product aimed at streamlining all aspects of the management of CIDs, HOAs, and other forms of property management.  A modular approach allows each client to custom-build a version of Asyst6 that meets their specific management needs, while always remaining inside a single easy-to-use windowed interface that requires no specific skills or training to utilize.

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5 Must-Read Sources of Information for HOAs and Other Community Managers from Condo Management Software Leader Asyst

The housing and rental industry is a fast-changing one, with new trends, ideas, condo management software, and regulations coming out regularly. A smart community manager needs to be proactively seeking out sources of information, so they can be looking ahead rather than getting blindsided by unexpected changes.

The good news is that there are plenty of resources out there for HOA members, community managers, and property managers.  These are some of the ones we turn to when we’re looking for information.

Five Great Resources for Information About the Community Management Industry

  1. The Community Associations Institute

The CAI is probably the single best source for all the news and information you would want to see, and that’s on top of their great work as industry spokespeople. From educational resources to job opportunities, they really have it all.

  1. Associations Now

Spun off from Associations Now Magazine, their website is one of our top sources for great blogs about the industry. They have a knack for looking ahead, and letting readers know about upcoming trends that are worth following.

  1. The Community Associations Network

A great community for community managers, the CAN website places particular emphasis on politics and legal news. Likewise, they also have extensive reference materials on existing laws. This makes it an excellent resource for keeping up with major state- and Federal-level initiatives that can have an impact on your business.

  1. HOA News Media

Just like the name suggests, this website is devoted almost exclusively to news related to the HOA industry.  They do a fair amount of independent research and journalism.  However, the real draw is their online forum section, which is a great meeting ground for exchanging ideas.

  1. Better Condo Life

This is a rare “pure blog” that isn’t trying to sell anything, and is focused on all aspects of condo living from a management perspective. It’s updated regularly, and is great for condo day-to-day “life hacks” to improve quality of living.

Turn to Asyst For Top Condo Management Software

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Major Laws Affecting California CID Management You Should Know About

If you’re in the business of managing a Common Interest Development property project such as condominiums, retirement communities, vacation timeshares, and other housing developments comprised of individually owned units, you know that there are no shortage of laws affecting your job. These laws change every year, and all a CID manager in California can do is try to keep up.

While far from a comprehensive list, we wanted to highlight some of the most important changes to CID-related laws in California that you should be aware of.

Four Major Laws Changing CID Management in 2017


Anyone providing professional janitorial services must now register with the Labor Commission.  Those hiring janitorial services not properly registered could be subject to fines of thousands of dollars or more.  The Department of Industrial Relations in the Labor and Workforce Development Agency is maintaining a database for employers to verify employees’ credentials.


Minimum wages for companies employing more than 25 people will now be $10.50/hr starting in January 2017, with the wage rising each year until it becomes $15/hr in 2023. Smaller businesses will also be affected, but their minimum wage changes will not begin until 2019.


Due to ongoing water shortage issues in California, property managers still cannot levy fines or other penalties on tenants who fail to water lawns and other green spaces. This state of emergency has been extended many times since 2014 and likely won’t go away any time soon.


This update to HUD laws under Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act clarifies that if a property management or association is notified of discriminatory practices in housing-related activities, they are legally required to act on such complaints.

Simplify Your Life with Superior CID Property Management Software

Asyst Data Group is the industry’s top choice in full-featured, all-in-one CID property management software.  With a module-based format, Asyst can be configured to meet the needs of any CID, HOA, or other property manager with a range of options from payroll to property value tracking to maintenance claims.

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Premiere HOA Association Management Software Company Chooses WSI to Expand Online Presence

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